(Batch Chromatography)

We have profound and longstanding experience in the area of preparative HPLC –
regardless whether it is 100mg or 100kg that needs to be separated.
We have a careful look at your compound and decide individually which separation method is the most effective.

There is a selection of 30 different preparative columns in different dimensions and various stationary phases. In contrast to analytical HPLC, where the main focus is on fast information about resolution, selectivity, speed, and reproducibility, preparative HPLC focuses on optimal product recovery. However, factors such as eluent consumption and recovery, possible environmental influences and the energy required must also be taken into account.
Prep4U has been working successfully for more than 20 years in the field of preparative HPLC of active pharmaceutical ingredients and building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry and academic research. We have developed very efficient preparative synthesis techniques. Common detectors are available, such as UV, DAD, MS, RI, and NMR

We support you by separating your drug candidates from 100 mg to 100 kg amounts.

  • Feasibility studies of enantioseparation
  • Optimization of separation conditions
  • Development of separation procedures for future upscaling